A guide to understand “Competition Analytics”/ competition insights?

A guide to understand “Competition Analytics”/ competition insights?

Competition analytics is the analysis of your competition entries, where you’re able to view your scores provided by the jurors and also their valuable inputs on respective entries. 
To view your analytics, click on the ‘Analytics’ tab (for the respective competitions) under my competitions.

It is provided in form of a graph, as shown in the image below: 
It shows you the :

  1. Scorecard with  - 
Highest scores, lowest scores, and final scores, average scores, and the number of votes 

  1. Weightage of marks in the form of a bar graph and also a pie graph 
  2. Red is for -> presentation 
  3. Green is for -> Visual storytelling
  4. Blue  is for-> concept/idea
  5. Yellow is for -> relevance     
All are marked out of 10 

Fig.1: Competition analytics- Page 1

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