Anatomy of project editor

Anatomy of project editor

A project editor is a place where you start creating and editing your project. A project should essentially have these things: 

  1.  A title to your “Project”.

  2. A description of your project of no more than 360 characters.

  3. Images to your project 

  4. Tagging at least one and a maximum of four disciplines to define the project.

  5. A project location

  6. Tag sets to your project, to define the nature of your project

  7. Lastly, click on the Publish icon and watch it turn orange on successful completion. 

Below is stepwise anatomy of the project editor: 

  • Add project name, description etc. 

Fig.1: Anatomy of project editor

  • Add team members to the project via invitation.

Fig.2: Add team members to the project

  1. Add project location for your project. 
Fig.3: Add project location
  • Add tag sets to your project, such as skill, field, description, etc. 

Fig.4: Add tagsets

  • Add license to your project based on the characteristics of your project: 

Fig.5: Add a license
That sums up the project editing, click on publish to make it public and visible to all. 

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