Anatomy of the project feed

Anatomy of the project feed

The project feed has the most exquisite content at your disposal. It has projects ranging from resourceful playgrounds in refugee camps to transit shelter for pilgrims, from re-defining playgrounds to re-imagining red riding hood’s journey through  architecture, there’s always more and beyond. The project feed has special contents divided into different sections in the form of results from different competitions. 

Such as:
  1. Results from divide 13
  2. Results from Brilliant Brand Awards '19
  3. Results from Sanctoreum
  4. Results from Retro - Fit
  5. Results from Cocoon and more 

To view the project feed, click on the projects icon from the sidenav bar. The project feed displays a cover image of a few projects followed by project sections below. It  is as shown in the image below: 
Fig.1: Project feed anatomy
The elaborate project card description is also shown in the image below. It consists of the competition title, competition name, name of the project owner, role of the owner, number of team members, cover image, a title for the project and a description line for the project. An option for ‘load more’ and ‘show all’ to see more entries in detail. 

Fig.2 : Project card explanation
Click on load more to view more project entries within the section and click on show all to see all about this competition entity on a different page.

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