Can I get leads and details of the participants to communicate?

How does the evaluation process work for a hosted competition?

The evaluation process for the jury can be viewed in the juries’ login portal. The procedure is as follows: 

Step 1: Log in to the jury portal (enter name and password) on UNI

Step 2: Click on evaluate to start evaluating the entries.

Fig.1: Evaluate

Step 3: Click on the competition to see all the entries to evaluate. You will be able to see three tabs: unevaluated, partially evaluated and the completed ones, i.e evaluated.

Fig.2: Unevaluated
Step 4: Start evaluating the entries, after viewing each sheet click on “next”.

Step 5: To submit a score, drag the pointers ranging from 1-10 to give a score to the entries. The areas unmarked will be marked zero by default. You can also add your valuable feedback and remarks to each section. For example- To give feedback on the concept, add a remark under the concept section. The total of all sections will add up to a final average score marked out of 10. 

You can also add evaluation criteria if required. 

Fig.3: Evaluation criteria
Step 6: Add comments to throw more light on the project or to add knowledge benefiting the mass. Adding comments to the project helps participants to build further upon their project. Constructive criticism will allow them to improve on similar projects in the future.
Fig.4: Add comments
Note: Difference between a comment and a remark: A comment must be very professional and polite in nature as it is addressed to everyone viewing it on the internet. Hence it is more public in nature. A remark however is visible to the candidate only and can therefore be slightly informal but honest. It should comply with the definition of constructive criticism.