Disqualification policies on UNI

Disqualification policies on UNI

At UNI we promote healthy competition and communal respect for the entire UNI community (including participants, users, jurors, visitors). We usually refrain from disqualifying projects unless on very hard terms, but we are changing these conditions from 17 February 2021 onwards.
Everyone must abide by the disqualification policies of UNI in order to compete fairly and enable equal ground status for all our entrants. The below guidelines are ground lines of disqualification policy. 
Hard disqualification
This means the project may be eliminated from participating entries, even though the project will stay on your feed, it will not be entitled to participate in any of the awards). Jury category  

Following are of the criteria of hard disqualification are:

  1. Disclosing your identity: Mentioning your identity, revealing your name, putting photographs of yourself or an organization. Any form of graphic images disclosing your identity such as logos, trademarks, etc. will strictly not be accepted.   

  1. Contact with the jury: Any type of contact with the jury will be penalized. You are not recommended to show any contact with the jury, for any help contact UNI at contact@uni.xyz

  1. Adopting unfair means: Any false information like the addition of team members and registering on the wrong team size will lead to disqualification. 

  1. Design plagiarism: Design plagiarism means copying someone’s idea of borrowing someone else’s design ideas. These activities will lead to disqualification of the entry into the awards. Jurors can identify the kind of plagiarism adapted in any project, stock images used, or anything similar that falls into the category of plagiarism. 

  1. Students & Professionals: Students and professionals must register in their own categories. A student should not team up with a professional while registering as a team of students.

  1. Disobedience on briefs: The rules of the brief are given under each of the competitions tab > rules. Read carefully on the eligibility criterion and the guidelines of the competition. A few guidelines if not met can lead to a strict disqualification of the entry. Some of them are 
  2. - The height criteria - 20% above or beyond the height criteria will be penalized. 
  3. - Site boundary - A site boundary specified in the brief should be strictly complied with in the design solution. 
  4. -  Ground coverage - A ground coverage of not more than an extension or reduction of  20% ground coverage will be allowed. More or less than this percentage will be disqualified. 
  5. - FAR - FAR is not one of the hard disqualifying factors, however, too much alteration will pertain to soft disqualification. 
  6. - Setbacks - Do not measure in the disqualification criteria. 

  1. Incorrect entry fee disposal - Any dispute might occur through the payment portal, incorrect payment of a fee (if indicated later) will result in disqualification. To reduce this read through the refund policy. 

Our payment gateway providers are PayPal and Razorpay. Users can try entering any transaction-related information through any of these gateways only. All the credit/debit cards are supported on UNI. Kindly enter the same email address/billing address through which you will be registering for the competition failing which our system might not be able to recognize the payments and a manual verification for the same might be required.
Any applicable taxes on the entrance fees will be displayed on the payment portal before the payment happens.

If you don’t receive a confirmation email of your payment within 24 hours please contact us at support@uni.xyz with all your payment/registration details.

Soft disqualification

This term means that on some criteria the competition entry will stay as it is and will be eligible to win a few awards. They will also be debarred from other categories, based on the kind of disqualification. 

  1. Fraudulent accounts - On creation of fraudulent accounts and impersonating, the entry will be disbarred from the People’s choice awards.

  1. Participating as an organization - If the participants are participating as an organization, the names of the participants have to be mentioned along with the credits. You can learn to add your organization or team members here:   How to add team members/ organizations

  1. Improper commenting/ voting/ impersonation - Inappropriate comments/thread/discussions on any competition/journal/project will be subject to punishable offence. Resulting in soft disqualification. 

Ambiguity / No disqualification

An opportunity lost due to incomplete entries. 

  1. FAQs - Some entries do not pay much attention to the FAQ section of the competition. This is an example of no disqualification although it still pertains to ambiguity. 

  1. Sheet numbers - Ambiguity increases in the competition entry and the data becomes unrelatable without proper mentioning of sheet numbers. Even though this may not result in disqualification, it may still count as a lost opportunity. 

  1. Sheet size / Aspect ratio - We highly recommend you to use our format given in the rules and guidelines section of every competition. This increases the chances of succeeding in an award entry. When one follows the aspect ratio; the participants’ entries become not only desktop friendly but also mobile-friendly. Disproportion does not lead to disqualification but reduces the chances of getting high scores. 

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    • Disqualification policies on UNI

      At UNI we promote healthy competition and communal respect for the entire UNI community (including participants, users, jurors, visitors). We usually refrain from disqualifying projects unless on very hard terms, but we are changing these conditions ...