UNI membership

How can I get a membership as a designer?

UNI membership provides you the freedom to participate in any competition hosted on UNI at any time without worrying about the registration fees. That's not all. UNI membership provides you free access to our premium editorials like the yearbook free of cost. To get a member of UNI as a designer- 

  1. Select and subscribe to a plan of your choice

  2. Participate in competitions throughout the year and win grand prizes

Fig.1 : UNI membership

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      UNI is a platform for designers. As a designer, one can either create a portfolio, participate in competitions, or get a membership. If you wish to create revolution through your works, become a designer on UNI today. To become a designer, all one ...
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    • Can I participate in any competition for free using UNI membership?

      Yes, UNI membership allows you to participate in any competition hosted on UNI.   
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