Different types of awards in an idea competition

In an idea competition what are the different types of award an entry receives?

There are 4 types of awards as an outcome of  competition on Uni:

Type A (Jury Picked Merit Awards) - 1. Winner, 2. Runner-up, 3.Honorable Mention,
Type B (Voting Awards) - 4. People's Choice,
Type C (Organizer picked merit awards - Optional) - 5. Organizer's Choice, 6. Editor's Choice
Type D (Jury Picked only for Institutional Access Registered Participants) - 7. Institutional Excellence Award

Type A Awards (Jury Picked Merit Awards)
In every design competition, all the Type A awards are granted to the participating entries completely on the basis of merit. The scores are awarded solely by the jurors of the competition and are the only deciding factor in these awards. The category of participation ( Student or Professionals) drives the award based on the top-scoring winner in the specified category.  Only in the situation of a tie or indecisive outcomes of Jury session Uni steps in for a tiebreaker. The awards in this category and sequence of merit awards are:

1. Winner (Bagged by the top-scoring project based solely on Jury votes)
2. Runner up (Bagged by the second top-scoring project based solely on Jury votes)
3. Honorable mentions (Bagged by the following projects in the sequence of merit after the above two)

Type B (Voting Awards):
Besides the jury category award, which is 100% merit-based - Uni competitions also have a separate category for public choice awards which is decided completely on the basis of the number of votes gained by a project on the Uni community. The participants are free to share the entries page of the competition - on their social media, messaging services, or any means (except creating dummy/fake accounts) to gather votes on their project on Uni. The votes are only counted if they are by real and authentic registered users of Uni. There's an algorithmic check applied on the top-scoring entries to check for authenticity of votes based on various parameters like (login IP, usernames, domains, manual checks, age of the accounts created, and so on) to ensure that the winners are genuine. In case, a project is winning both the awards (Eg. Type A - Runner-up and Type B - People's choice); the award with higher monetary value is given to the project and the next in line project is awarded the intersecting lower value award. 

4. People's Choice Award (By Category) - This award is bagged by the top voted project - In category if otherwise mentioned.

Type C (Organizer/Editorial Team picked merit awards - Optional):
After the Type A and Type B awards are settled; Uni Curatorial Committee/Organizing Committee reviews the unrewarded entries based on the brief + juror evaluations and picks title winners to recognize their contribution to the competition. This is done especially to award recognition to exceptional projects that brought a lot of value to the competition - which we believe is something the community of Uni and beyond should not miss. That brings the fact nature of the awards is entirely optional and is given strictly to the most deserving projects that come our way. The Type C awards Uni gives in most competitions are:

5. Organizer's Choice (Is awarded to the most outstanding project by the Curatorial Committee/Organizing Committee essentially did not bag any award in Type A or Type B)
6. Editor's Choice (Is awarded to meritorious projects after all the above awards are granted to the most liked projects by the editorial committee of Uni)

Type D (Jury Picked only for Institutional Access Registered Participants)
This category is active only if there is at least 1 registered institution entering the challenge with an Institutional Access (IA) pass. Institutional Access is a program by Uni to bring in design competitions in your classroom as a collective exercise. The awards in this category are picked by the merit structure defined by jury evaluation.

7. Institutional Excellence Award (Is awarded to top-performing participants and their mentors registered via a University/Institutions) -  in a set of IA participants coming from their classroom. 

This award structure is applicable to all Uni competitions launched and hosted on Uni. The winnings in these, above awards, are as follows:

Award structure on UNI

The list above is indicative and can be changed/updated/modified without notice. Please refer to the competitions page whichever you participate in for the actual list of winnings in whichever competition you participate in. Conditionally applicable offerings in the two cases: 1. Monetary Award - is driven by the Award & Fees section of whichever competition you participate in. 2. Featuring in the Hard Copy of Yearbook - is decided by the editorial team of Uni while editing the publication.

For any query on this please send us an email at contact@uni.xyz.

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    • In an idea competition what are the different types of award an entry receives?

      There are 4 types of awards as an outcome of  competition on Uni: Type A (Jury Picked Merit Awards) - 1. Winner, 2. Runner-up, 3.Honorable Mention, Type B (Voting Awards) - 4. People's Choice, Type C (Organizer picked merit awards - Optional) - 5. ...
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