Invitation to team members

Instructions for team members

Instructions for team members

Once you have sent your invites, your team members now have to accept the project invite via their profile dashboard.

This step is applicable only for team members who do not hold an account on Uni. Open your email and find the invitation email. Check your spam folders in case you are not able to find it. If you are still not able to find the invitation, ask your Uploader to try via another email as your mailbox settings may be blocking emails from Uni. 

Fig.1 : Invitation mail in your inbox (Do check your spam folder incase you cannot find it)

2. Sign up on Uni - with the same email you were invited from.

Create an account on Uni with the same email as the invite was sent to. If you signup on Uni with a different email- you will not be able to find the project invite waiting for you in the account. 

Fig.2 : Sign up page of UNI

3. Click on your avatar and go to 'My Projects'.

Once confirmed click on your avatar and navigate to the projects tab.

Fig.3: Check my projects

4. Find the project invitation and accept it.

Scroll down and find the invitation sent by your team member. Accept the invitation.

Fig.4: Invitation acceptance tab

Fig.5: Pop up confirmation

5. You are successfully added to the team if the project shows up in your projects tab.

Once the confirmation dialogue pops up, the page will refresh and the project will be visible in the published project's banner. 

Please note: At this moment only the uploader/submitter can see the competition tab and project tab, team members will only be able to see the project on their Projects tab.

Fig.6: Team member's dashboard with accepted team invite.


1. I can't find my project invite - Why? How can I fix it? 
A: There are mainly three reasons for this to happen.
i. Your team's uploader has invited you on a different email and you are signed up with a different email - in such case you will not be able to find your invitations. Please sign up again with the correct email - by confirming with your uploader. 
ii. Your team member has incorrectly entered the email with a spelling mistake in it. You can 
iii. Your mail server of the university/organization is blocking invitation emails. This usually happens when you are using a custom email like your work or school. You can try a different email if this is the case. Ask your uploader to send another invite to a common mail service like Gmail or yahoo.

2. I'm the uploader, I want to edit my team again on my published project - How do I do that?
A: Click your avatar > My  projects tab > Click 3 dots next your project > Edit > Edit team.

3. I'm a team member, and I have accepted the invite recently. I can find the submission on my projects tab but can't find it on my competitions tab - why?
A: This functionality is currently not rolled out yet, and only the uploader has the ability to see the project under the competitions tab currently. They are the managers of the submission, and the team is the collaborator on the project. This feature development is not on the cards yet.

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