Is there a registration number?

Is there a registration number?

There is no registration number as such on UNI. Due to our advanced algorithms, no codes or registration numbers are required. 
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    • For a mistake in registration can I switch the registration category? From student to professional?

      This must usually be cautiously cared for at the time of the registration. However, in any such circumstances, you can write to us at 
    • What is UNI membership?

      UNI hosts some of the most challenging Architecture and Design problems for all, across the globe. And, UNI membership makes sure that you are never too late in the hunt for design challenges. Membership in UNI is a premium feature that gives access ...
    • How to write a query to UNI?

      To write a query on UNI, click on the icon shown in the image below: Figure 1: Chat with us A few things to keep in mind while writing a query:  Quote the reference numbers where necessary If the chat is continuous, keep the ticket number for ...
    • Disqualification policies on UNI

      At UNI we promote healthy competition and communal respect for the entire UNI community (including participants, users, jurors, visitors). We usually refrain from disqualifying projects unless on very hard terms, but we are changing these conditions ...
    • Can I pay my registration money in installments?

      The registration can be done in installments if the bank you're trying to pay with allows you to do so. Else, UNI does not have a policy to engage with partial payments or installments for registrations.