Is UNI free?

Is UNI free to join?

Yes! UNI is free and will always be free to join. However, UNI provides some of the services and features on a paid basis or over a monthly/yearly subscription.
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    • Who should join UNI and why? Is UNI free to join?

      If you are an enthusiast who likes everything about architecture, UNI is the place for you. UNI is a planetarium to enjoy and celebrate architecture through illustrations, concepts, and ideas in all forms. And yes! Since we are a celebration UNI is ...
    • What is UNI's conduct policy?

      UNI works by users of UNI sharing their work, ideas and generating discussions on the UNI. Users of UNI helps in making UNI a great community for creative people. UNI is a place where which enables a fashion designer to work with a biologist together ...
    • What is UNI membership?

      UNI hosts some of the most challenging Architecture and Design problems for all, across the globe. And, UNI membership makes sure that you are never too late in the hunt for design challenges. Membership in UNI is a premium feature that gives access ...
    • How long does it take for my brand identity to appear on the UNI platform after payment is done?

      It takes up to 48 hours i.e two working/business days for a brand to appear on the UNI platform. 
    • What can a designer do at UNI?

      UNI is a platform for designers. As a designer, one can either create a portfolio, participate in competitions, or get a membership. If you wish to create revolution through your works, become a designer on UNI today. To become a designer, all one ...