I have a cool idea to make UNI even more awesome. Where do I tell it?

Searching content on UNI.

To search content on UNI. Simply hit the search bar at the top navbar and you can search projects, articles, people, and discussions on UNI.
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    • Where can I submit a suggestion related to product/features?

      We always put our users first. If you have a suggestion that can improve the experience of UNI's users, we will be happy to incorporate them. Just let us know using dropping a suggestion in the chatbox found in the bottom right corner. 
    • What is UNI's community Guidelines?

      UNI is a company that aims to put its users first when it comes to making important decisions. It’s a place where creative people showcase their work, converse, share ideas and discuss it with the rest of the community. To ensure these discussions ...
    • What is UNI's conduct policy?

      UNI works by users of UNI sharing their work, ideas and generating discussions on the UNI. Users of UNI helps in making UNI a great community for creative people. UNI is a place where which enables a fashion designer to work with a biologist together ...
    • Disqualification policies on UNI

      At UNI we promote healthy competition and communal respect for the entire UNI community (including participants, users, jurors, visitors). We usually refrain from disqualifying projects unless on very hard terms, but we are changing these conditions ...
    • Who can find me on UNI?

      UNI is a network of creative professionals. On UNI creative professionals discover each other's work. Your profile will be visible to anyone who has an account. Certain content of your profile may be visible to people over search engines as well. ...