Unable to upload images to a project?

Unable to upload images to a project?

Uploading images is only a few clicks away, only if you do it right!

 All you need to do is upload the images in the right format. UNI supports images in. JPG, JPEGs, and PNG formats only. ( Note: UNI does not support PDFs either, uploading a pdf can only be done under publications)
* PDF uploader only works in the given section: Publications

Click on Add project Title, this will allow you to name the main title of your project/submission.

Proceed to each step by clicking on “Next”

Click on Upload images (make sure the images are not more than 15MB in size and are in the allowed formats) - follow rules and guidelines for more knowledge on every competition.

Fig.1: Upload images in .jpg, and .png format only

At present, the image uploader supports only images lesser than 25M Pixels. I.e. 5,000px X 5,000px or 10,000px X  2500px 

Rearrange the images from the project manager bar using drag and drop on the image list and add a description/title of the image as per your choice

Fig.2 : A box highlighting the tools to edit, rearrange images or to add an image title

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