What are entry notifications?

What are entry notifications?

Entry notifications are various alerts used to notify the participant of their actions, it displays if you have a message from UNI, about any error that may occur, and about the successful submission of the entry. The symbols of notifications vary for each type of action such as the following: 

  1. The orange icon  represents a custom message from UNI, this may carry any information relevant to the upcoming competition. 
Fig.1: Notification- Message from UNI
  1. The red icons and are denoting issues with the entry, which we may want to rectify to make the entry eligible for the jury. The red “info icon” is a hint to make necessary changes before the submission deadline. Whereas, the “lock icon” suggests that the entry is now locked and is ineligible for jury evaluation. 
Fig.2: Notification- Deadline crossed
  1. The grey icons and mean that the entry will not be visible to the jurors due to an error. However, there is still scope for making the necessary changes before the submission deadline. The grey lock is a denotation of the entry being submitted for evaluation with pending suggestions.
Fig.3: Notification- Entry submitted with an error
  1. The green icons andare the signs of success. The ‘tick’ in the green box represents that the entry is completed in all means and is published with the latest version. The ‘lock’ in the green box signifies that entry is submitted successfully and is further locked for evaluation. 

Fig. 4: Notification -Entry submitted successfully

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