Competitions on UNI

What are the competitions on UNI? Who organizes these competitions?

Competitions in UNI are an invitation to explore architecture beyond academics and books. It is a  way of student engagement to create challenges and ensure the participation of students in a way to promote healthy competition. 

The competitions tab on UNI is visible right on top of the sidenav bar.

These competitions are organized by UNI and other private organizations.         

Fig.1: Competitions

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    • Can I sponsor multiple competitions on UNI?

      Yes, you are allowed to sponsor multiple competitions on UNI, although every competition will be promoted on the basis of its individual sponsorship package. Every competition will be different in nature, hence it is recommended that you take a look ...
    • How to promote a competition on UNI?

      Promoting competitions is available only if you have listed or hosted a competition on UNI. To promote you may simply pick up your package from here: and promote it on UNI.
    • What are build competitions on UNI?

      Build competitions are a bridge between the client and the students where the architects act in association with students to design for the clients. UNI launches open build competitions that are likely to get realized. These competitions are launched ...
    • How do I differentiate between the competitions hosted by UNI and a third party organization?

      The competitions hosted by UNI have a logo of UNI on their competitions tag, whereas the ones listed on UNI have a logo of their different company tags. The difference can be identified as shown in the image below. Some of the competitions hosted on ...
    • What is the role of a curator on UNI?

      A curator on UNI curates design brief for architecture and design students/young professionals across the globe. A curator can perform three roles on UNI: 1. Curating design brief on UNI. 2. Delivering online lectures to the participants. 3. ...