How do I upload my content on UNI?

What file/media formats are supported for uploading project?

At present, the project upload page only supports image files e.g. (*.jpg, *.png, *.gif, ). We will start supporting more media files very soon over the platform including *.pdf and *.3ds files as well.
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    • Unable to upload images to a project?

      Uploading images is only a few clicks away, only if you do it right!  All you need to do is upload the images in the right format. UNI supports images in. JPG, JPEGs, and PNG formats only. ( Note: UNI does not support PDFs either, uploading a pdf can ...
    • What does publishing a project mean?

      Publishing a project means that you allow other people to view it publicly on uni as well as over the internet. It is open for posts, comments, and likes for all members of UNI. To publish your project, click on the Publish tab once you’re done ...
    • Anatomy of the project feed

      The project feed has the most exquisite content at your disposal. It has projects ranging from resourceful playgrounds in refugee camps to transit shelter for pilgrims, from re-defining playgrounds to re-imagining red riding hood’s journey through  ...
    • Where can I view all of my uploaded projects?

      Simply go to your profile and click on the projects tab to see all your uploaded projects.
    • What are tags on a project?

      Tags help others to quickly identify other aspects of your project and help us to categorize/sort thousands of projects for other visitors like you who come here and join UNI to discover interesting projects.