Institutional access, Institutional excellence award

What is Instuitional Access, an institutional excellence award and why is it important?

Institutional excellence award is awarded to students enrolled in the institutional access works. Uni offers a unique feature of “Institutional access works” where a group or class of students can work on multiple design problems. The registration process for Institutional Access (IA) is the same as the individual or team registration. More info on IA is found at

The steps towards achieving the Institutional Excellence award are :

  • Register - The registration could be done by a student or mentor on behalf of their entire class. A confirmation is sent upon registration.

  • Verification - Upon confirmation, our team begins the verification process and asks for a list of students participating and a letter from the institution.  

  • Groups or Individuals - This step is essential to define the number of participants per team. A group can be no more than 20 participants.

  • Add competition entries - Add and submit your competition entries on the competition portal.

  • Meet your partner institutions - After the successful completion of the project UNI allows you to discuss more ideas and exchange resources with your fellow partners (institutions). To increase the knowledge base and benefit all who are participating. 

  • Awards - Once the competition is over, the winning entry or institution receives the Institutional Excellence Award. 

Hence, the Institutional Excellence Award is the award won by a team or a group from an institution to excel in that particular competition. 

Fig.1: Institutional Access 

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