Where can I get the additional resources for the competition?

Where can I get the additional resources for the competition?

Additional resources are detailed sources to help you plan, design, and execute your project for the competition. They come in the form of CAD (.dwg) files, site plan images, templates, drawings, and documents, etc. To get access to these additional resources of any competition, you must be a registered member of the competition. These can be found under the competitions tab in your profile. However, it is mandatory to check the terms of the competition if it has any additional resources at all. Some competitions only consist of a brief and do not have any other resources attached.
For example: Below is the image of a few competitions, some with resources, some without.

Fig.1 : Competition cards displaying resources

If you are a registered member, and there are additional resources available for the competition, here is the stepwise procedure to access these resources:

Step 1: Click on your profile/avatar, to get access to all your competitions.

Fig.1: Drop down from your avatar

Step 2: Click on my competition and you will be able to see the overview of the competition. Along with the competition card which displays competition features and deadlines there are sub-headings for resources and submit entry. Under resources, you’ll be able to find additional resources.

Fig.2: Additional resources


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