experts at UNI

Who are the experts at UNI?

Experts on UNI are curators, mentors, and jurors who help make UNI a better community by adding value to the competitions through judging the competitions, curating briefs, or becoming a mentor to guide students. Experts create a big community of people who enrich us with knowledge and empower other designers to come up with solutions to major problems or hypothetical situations. Experts such as the curator, mentor, and juror have the following roles to follow. 

Curator - Help in creating beautiful architectural design based problems to extend the creative limits beyond academia. 
Mentor - Is a person who guides through education and knowledge in architecture through seminars, links, projects, etc.
Jurors - Jurors are a group of judges who help in evaluating, finalizing, and shortlisting the winning entries and our honorarium mentions. 

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