Why do people need to sign up to vote?

Why do people need to sign up to vote?

It is essential for people to sign up to vote so that, the originality of the votes is maintained and to avoid fake voters. The system of signing up processes a good voting system, that ensures minimum fake votes. 
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    • Can people who win the people choice awards also win jury prizes and vice versa?

      An entry wins only upto one award in a competition, multiple awards are not given to a single entry. You can register in different competitions to increase your chances of winning different awards. 
    • I'm having trouble logging in. What do I do?

      UNI uses third-party Login APIs provided by Facebook and Google to speed up the log-in process. These APIs need to store some cookies on your browser for smooth functioning. However, sometimes the settings on your browser don't allow third-party apps ...
    • Signing up on UNI.

      To sign up simply open https://accounts.uni.xyz/ or click get started from the home page on UNI. At present, you may sign up using your Google account, Facebook account or by using your email address. Upon signing up using email you will receive a ...
    • Can I sponsor competitions on UNI in any other form instead of cash prizes?

      Yes, depending on the kind of organization and the reputation we allow some organizers to introduce award prizes beyond the conventional prize money. However, these are conditional in the manner and the proposal may be well discussed with our UNI ...
    • Can UNI help us in identifying jurors on UNI?

      Yes, UNI will help find the right jurors for your competition, UNI will help you in identifying the jurors of the challenge from its wide network of industry professionals.